Jennifer Jenison, Jenn Jenison
My name is Jennifer Hershberger, but you can call me Jenn. I'm a creative designer who holds a B.F.A. in Studio Arts and believes strongly in the power of authenticity. 
With over seven years of corporate and non-profit experience, I'm well-versed in a broad range of design skills, but my specialty is visual design and communications. As someone who's deaf and a recent recipient of a cochlear implant, I've learned that good communication is priceless. When you work with me, I'll be sure to work hard (and listen hard!) to help your brand on its way to becoming its authentic, best self. 
From digital media, to print and interior design, I'm confident my interdisciplinary approach will help me find the perfect solution for your needs. In need of some design work? Let's get in touch!
Thank you!
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