As Immanuel church's congregation grew, their current lobby became busier, space became scarce, and multiple ministries were occupying the space on a weekly basis. With carpeted floors, a small cafe, and inadequate family check in area, the space was in need of a major update. The budget allowed for only minor architectural changes. 
The most significant changes included replacing the carpet with concrete floors, creating a more open cafe area, and extending the height of the check in station wall for better visual access on a crowded Sunday. The goal for this space was to create a welcoming environment for first time guests, and a multi-functional space where people are not afraid to spill coffee or be human. This was achieved through stripping the space down and employing beautiful but simple materials such as cedar, concrete and marble.

In the icKids hallway I used biblical landscapes as a wayfinding technique. Mount Zion, Tabor, and Sanai helps kids find their classrooms while reminding them and teaching them about the Bible. The mountain silhouette was traced from actual photos of each mountain and facts such as navigational coordinates and elevations are listed in the upper corners of the walls. The topographical pattern and the rugged OSB (oriented strand board) tie the look together with a campy vibe.
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