This branding was created for Union Church's sermon series on the book of Matthew in the Bible. Not only does this branding act as a beautiful cover for the teaching material, but it serves as a visual reminder of the details in the book. The grid design is based on the divisions in the series, which are split into three different parts with three different emphases. Each square design focuses on a specific visual message from the text. For example, the first square corresponds to Matthew 1:1-17 which tells us about Jesus's genealogy. The "Jesse Tree" represents the three sets of fourteen generations within the trunk and leaves. The rising sun represents the beginning of creation and the new beginning offered through the messiahship of Jesus Christ. The rings of the sunrise represent the women mentioned in Jesus’s genealogy as a reminder of the intentionality of those included in this family line. 

Realizations for this branding series consist of printed material and digital content such as slides and social media graphics.
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